What’s New in Odoo 17 – A Complete Roadmap

Odoo 17

Odoo releases a new update every year. The latest version, Odoo 17, came out in October 2023. It brought many improvements to the user interface and user experience, along with new features in modules like accounting, marketing, manufacturing, websites, and more.

The Odoo 17 update has been a hot topic among startups, mid-sized businesses, large enterprises, and Odoo developers aiming to grow their businesses. Since it is now already the first quarter of 2024, you must have a clear idea of what Odoo 17 entails and what it can offer your business if you are still not aware of it. 

This blog covers the features and functionalities. Explore the entire blog and get in touch with expert Odoo ERP consultants to leverage Odoo 17 and its features for your business too. 

Odoo ERP was first released as OpenERP software in February 2005. It is a suite of business applications used for ERP, CRM, eCommerce, websites, and project management. Ten years ago, the Odoo Enterprise edition was launched to help fund the Odoo Community version.

When you compare Odoo Community and Enterprise, the Enterprise edition offers exclusive features like mobile app access, Odoo Studio customisation, Odoo hosting, and unlimited functional support.

Today, Odoo is a well-known name used by companies of all sizes across various industries, including manufacturing, retail, accounting, marketing, healthcare, IT consulting, and R&D.

The latest version, Odoo 17, has been available since October 2023. Key highlights of this update include:

  • Enhanced user experience with improvements to the command bar, faster backend page loading, and multiple dashboard views.
  • Instant report generation, credit limit alerts for sales and invoices, separate OCR settings for invoice creation, and an auto-complete feature for forms in the accounting module.
  • Improved image handling and global attribute changes for mailing lists in email marketing.
  • A default auto-signature option and a refuse-to-sign option in HR modules.
  • Options to divide and merge manufacturing orders, track the status of manufacturing orders, and more in the MRP module.
  • Dark mode in Odoo 17.

Now that the Odoo 17 announcement is official, let’s look at what’s new in Odoo 17!

Odoo 17 is the latest version of one of the world’s leading open-source enterprise ERPs. This version has come up with significant improvements explained here in this blog. Also, this new version aims to introduce features that enhance time-saving, efficiency, and productivity for users across various organisations.

Odoo 17, released at the Odoo Experience 2023, brought notable improvements to the user interface and added new functionalities with enhancements in performance, accessibility, data analysis, and management, further expanding its reach in the market. 

Every year, the Odoo Experience event brings a new update to the community. And now it is time to explore the new Odoo 17 version. Here are a few things to leverage from the Odoo 17 updates. 

New Exciting Features in Odoo ERP 17

One of the most exciting updates in Odoo 17 is the brand new interface. This revamped UI is designed to enhance user experience, improve efficiency, and strengthen Odoo’s identity with a sleek and clean design. It is all about boosting productivity, and the new UI delivers the same.

Additionally, Odoo 17 introduces a dark mode. This feature allows users to switch to a darker theme, which is easier on the eyes for many people. Although dark mode has been experimented with in the past, the version in Odoo 17 is especially impressive.

Many users have requested the ability to rearrange their Odoo modules, and Odoo 17 delivers on this. Also, users can now change the order of their installed modules simply by dragging and dropping, allowing for better organisation and increased productivity in their workspaces.

Moreover, in Odoo 17, search views have been revamped, with the search bar now positioned in the middle of the screen for easier access. Combining specific terms like ‘Filter’, ‘Group By’, and ‘Favorites’ is simplified into a single ‘Search’ tab, making searches more user-friendly.

In Odoo 17, draggable wizards let users move pop-up windows as needed. Also, this feature helps users see more of the underlying form. Simply click and drag the title bar to move the wizards to your preferred spot. It is that easy. 

Sticky list and Kanban headers allow users to pin the header to the top of the screen, keeping it visible even when scrolling down. Also, these sticky headers improve the usability of lists and Kanban boards by helping users stay organised and find information quickly.

Users can now add products directly from the catalog to a sales order in the Kanban view. This feature simplifies the sales process and saves time. Moreover, products added from the catalog appear as draft lines in the sales order, allowing you to modify the quantity, price, and other details as needed. Just click the Add button to include products.

To quickly select records, use keyboard shortcuts. First, select a record, then press Shift + Down arrow to choose more records. To deselect records, use Shift + Up arrow. This feature streamlines record management and enhances productivity.

The new To-Do module in Odoo 17 is a powerful tool for managing tasks and staying organised, replacing the old Notes app. Also, it allows you to create, manage, and track tasks efficiently.

The “Raise Hand in Meeting” feature in Odoo 17 allows participants to indicate their desire to speak or ask a question by raising their hands. Moreover, this feature improves the efficiency and inclusivity of virtual meetings, ensuring all participants have an equal opportunity to contribute.

In Odoo 17, the action menu has been moved to the top left corner of the screen. This new placement includes regular actions as well as the print action, which has been consolidated into the action menu for easier access.

In the ‘Employees’ module, users can now view a department organisation chart showing the full employee structure. This is a fantastic tool for companies of all sizes to improve visual representation within their organisation.

With new smartphone shortcuts, users can access the Odoo Progressive Web Application (PWA) with a single click. Also, this update significantly enhances the user experience, making it easier to use Odoo on mobile devices across different departments.

Overall, Odoo 17 is a significant upgrade, enriching the user experience and reinforcing its position as a versatile platform for business management. Moreover, with a range of new features and enhancements, Odoo 17 promises to elevate the efficiency and flexibility of business operations. Also, noteworthy additions such as the revamped user interface, introduction of dark mode, the inclusion of the “Raise Hand in Meeting” feature, and improvements in the Search View ensure to streamline workflows and enhance collaboration within teams. 

To know more or to get Odoo 17 for your business, talk to our expert Odoo ERP consultant at Envertis, a certified Odoo gold partner in Sydney.

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