What’ll be new in Odoo ERP 17 – Expected features & improvements

What’ll be new in Odoo ERP 17 - Expected features & improvements

Odoo comes out with a new version every year. The latest one is Odoo 16, which came out on October 12, 2022. It brought some improvements to how the software looks and works, especially in areas like accounting, marketing, manufacturing, and websites.

People are talking a lot about Odoo 16, including small businesses, medium-sized companies, big enterprises, and even the folks who create stuff with Odoo. Now that we’re in 2023, it’s time to start thinking about Odoo 17, which is expected to come out in October this year.

Even though Odoo hasn’t given us a full list of what’s coming in Odoo 17, some details are starting to pop up on social media and other places. But before you get into that, let’s take a quick look at what Odoo is all about!

An Overview of Odoo ERP

Odoo was introduced back in February 2005 as something called OpenERP by a company called Odoo SA. It’s a bunch of computer programs that help companies with things like managing their resources, talking to their customers, selling stuff online, building websites, and keeping track of projects. Fast forward ten years, and they made a fancier version called Odoo Enterprise to help pay for the basic version, which they call Odoo Community.

Now, if you look at the fancier Odoo Enterprise compared to the basic Odoo Community, you’ll find some extras like using it on your phone, making it look the way you want with Odoo Studio, getting help with hosting, and having experts to answer your questions.

Today, Odoo is super famous and all sorts of companies, big and small, use it. They use it in all kinds of industries like making stuff, selling things, counting money, doing marketing, taking care of sick people, computer consulting, and even doing research.

The latest cool version is Odoo 16, and it came out on October 12, 2022. Some of the neat things in this version include making it easier to use, faster computer stuff, better ways to see information, and more tricks for businesses like making reports in a snap, watching your money, and organising your work. There’s even a dark mode for people who like their screens to be less bright.

Here’s the Checklist of the Expected Features of the Upcoming Odoo Version 17

Every year, there’s a big event called Odoo Experience, and they show off a new Odoo update. Last year, they revealed Odoo 16, and this year, at Odoo Experience 2023 in Belgium from November 8th to 10th, we’re likely to see the brand-new Odoo 17. Odoo 17 brings forth a plethora of exciting features designed to enhance user experience and boost productivity. Let’s delve into some key highlights. 

A fresh UI design in Odoo 17:

Odoo 17 is bringing a brand-new design that will make the whole platform look and feel even better. They’ve completely changed how the backend works to make it easier to use and get around. The new user interface has a modern style with new icons and colours, so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. In Odoo 17, you can even customise your home screen to make it just the way you like it. You can move apps around by dragging and dropping, so your workspace is perfect for you. This customisation feature makes it easier to get things done and helps you be more productive. It shows that Odoo is always working to make things better and fit your needs.

Advanced Search in Odoo 17:

Odoo 17 introduces a cool new feature – a unified search view right in the centre, making it easy to find what you need. This advanced search is super smart, letting you look for information in a really precise way. You can add lots of filters with tons of options, which makes the search supercharged. In Odoo 17, searching is faster and better than ever, saving you time.

A really awesome thing is that you can now search not only for one thing but also for related things. So, you can find people who are connected to a company with a specific tag. This makes searching for data way more interesting and helps you find the stuff you really want.

Effortless Resource Booking with the Calendar Module:

With the calendar module, you can easily handle resources and reservations. Whether it’s scheduling tennis courts, booking meeting rooms, or reserving restaurant tables, visitors can smoothly manage their appointments.

Improved Employee Management in Odoo 17:

In the realm of employee management, Odoo can keep tabs on attendance, and work hours, and even calculate overtime. And now, with Odoo 17, it brings a new feature: the ability to create sleek departmental organisation charts. These charts are great for showing how employees and the company fit together, making collaboration more effective and understandable. 

Engaging Product Catalogue in Sales:

In Odoo 17’s sales section, there’s a fantastic new catalogue view. It lets you quickly create quotes while you’re with a customer, making your interactions better. You can easily adjust products and quantities, making sales more flexible and smooth.

Smart Subscription Handling – Better Options for Repeating Deliveries:

Here’s another cool thing: Odoo 17 has a clever way to manage deliveries that happen over and over again, like subscription services. Now, you can even include products that you keep in stock in this process. This improvement lets companies serve their customers even more cleverly by managing repeat deliveries for a wider range of products.

Efficient Shopping at the POS (Point of Sale):

In the point-of-sale (POS) section, customers have a new and creative way to order. You can use tablets near the entrance or scan a QR code with your cell phone to place orders. Paying is also super easy. The invoicing system lets you ask for part of the payment when confirming the order, making transactions even simpler.

Innovative Knowledge Sharing in Odoo 17:

With the updated knowledge articles feature, organisations can share their expertise more efficiently. You can easily create knowledge articles using templates, whether they are how-to guides, procedures, and more. Templates can be ready-made or customised to simplify the creation process. These articles can also be made visually appealing with features like banners.

Now, you have the option to share these articles with portal users and even give them permission to edit them. This is perfect for smooth collaboration and knowledge exchange, even with external partners. Odoo 17 not only enhances internal processes but also facilitates the sharing of valuable knowledge with external stakeholders.
Odoo 17 introduces a range of exciting features and improvements, transforming the way businesses operate. From a redesigned user interface to an advanced search system and industry-specific customisations, Odoo 17 offers tailored solutions for various business needs. This release reflects Odoo’s commitment to innovation and continuous enhancement, helping businesses streamline their processes for a successful future. To get expert Odoo consultancy services or to get end-to-end upgraded Odoo ERP solutions, you can get in touch with us at Envertis.