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About Odoo

With Odoo ERP, we customise, integrate and deliver high-end applications for businesses in diverse industries. The Odoo ERP Software is presently the most sought-after business management software and Odoo Development aids offer comprehensive ERP applications with crucial functions: Accounting, Finance, Project Management, Sales & Purchasing, CRM, Warehouse management, HR, Marketing, Point of Sale, eCommerce and many more.

Integration of multiple functionalities into a single application suite was never been this easy and smooth as it is with Odoo. Its modular approach redefines scalability and allows enterprises to start with a standard application and eventually add modules as their business evolves. There are three different versions of Odoo ERP Software: Odoo Enterprise, Odoo Community and Odoo Online Saas and you can choose one amongst them based on your business’s size, nature and work processes.

Odoo features

Go for Odoo ERP development and implementation to leverage its benefits and use its features & modules for efficient management of your business operations and streamline your workflow.
Odoo is used by various industries across the world. With its features & customisable Odoo apps, the ERP has proved to be the perfect ERP solution for every business need.

Odoo accounting

Odoo Accounting Software will help you get complete control over your accounting operations from bookkeeping, maintaining tax structure to handling of bank accounts and creating income statements.

Odoo inventory

With Odoo Inventory module, gain efficiency in your warehouse management and enjoy a big drop in your process time. Our composite Odoo development & implementation solutions will assist you in Stock Availability Analysis, Shipping Management, Reporting and other inventory operations. All in all, you can keep a close tab on every movement in the warehouse and manage the supply chain seamlessly.


Project management

Handling small to big projects becomes effortlessly easy with Odoo’s Project Management module. Besides managing the long line of tasks and delegating tasks, you can even facilitate project automation with Odoo development. Using it, you can track the progress of your projects and get precise reports on the performances of the teams

Sales management

Managing leads and major operations in the sales pipeline is much easier with Odoo’s integrated sales feature. You get to optimise your sales opportunities, track every order, automate sales process, and attain higher profitability.


Odoo ERP software will help you plan, strategise and run marketing campaigns with many rewarding features. Get instant solutions with it for Lead Automation, Conducting customer surveys, Email marketing, Live Chats, Community Development and Demand Forecasting with Odoo Development. 

Point of sale

Odoo ERP hosts a wide range of features for handling POS to get you one-step ahead for your customers, staff, as well as your business. Get tailored features for your POS according to the needs of your customers and sales processes. Further, track and analyse your sales, have consolidated data for all your retail outlets, schedule delivery dates and enhance the store experience for your customers.

Human resources

Odoo’s HRM module is developed specifically keeping in mind the relevance of the most vital resource of the organisation: Employees. Keep an eye on your staff and their performances all the time with it. Odoo ERP has extensive support for all your HR functions: Employee management, Leave Management, Timesheet management, Expense Tracking, HR payroll and Talent Acquisition.

Ecommerce and website

While the eCommerce integration of Odoo will help you get an incredibly good user-friendly online store, with its easy drag-and-drop website builder create a downright website for your business. Odoo eCommerce offers inherent features for Theme customisation, Products categorisation, SEO, Marketplace integration and many more.


Odoo offers “The real Customer-centric CRM” which will get you one-step ahead for tracking leads, closing deals and getting accurate forecasts on sale. Odoo ERP is provided with great CRM tools to get you happy customers with features of calls, mailing, quotations, and meeting fixes. Using its analytics tool, know how you are performing in terms of sales and have real-time overview of the sales activities.

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With over 3 million users growing their business with Odoo, it’s time you unleash the real potential of your business with avant-garde Odoo ERP solutions.
Also, Odoo has a proven track record in developing befitting ERP solutions for small, midsized as well as large enterprises.
Get Odoo for your ERP venture as:

  • It is the front-running ERP software suite packed with extensive features and business intelligence tools.
  • It has a unique value proposition and will provide you with everything with a top-notch experience.
  • It comes with usability improvements and modules that will skyrocket your business.
  • Its powerful integrations make your ERP flexible, customised and feature-rich.
  • It is cost-effective and evolves faster than a thousand other software applications.