Features of Odoo ERP Community Edition

Features of Odoo ERP Community Edition

Odoo software stands out as a highly efficient and modularly structured ERP system, trusted by businesses of all scales. This comprehensive ERP solution encompasses essential features and capabilities that enable seamless automation of core company processes. Odoo is offered in two distinct versions: the Odoo Community, which is an open-source platform available for free without any licensing costs, though with some limitations in functionality. On the other hand, Odoo Enterprise builds upon the Odoo Community by incorporating additional functional apps that can be purchased, providing sophisticated features tailored to the needs of larger businesses.

The Odoo community edition offers a cost-free solution for utilising the Odoo software, catering to the effective management of a moderate level of business operations. It is particularly well-suited for enterprises with up to 50 users, providing a range of distinctive operational tools. Below, you will find a detailed description of the Odoo community features categorised under each module of the platform. 

Here are the Features of the Odoo Community Shared by an Expert Consultant of Odoo in Australia


The Odoo community edition’s sales module offers a comprehensive set of operational capabilities, equipping your company with efficient tools for effective sales management. Seamlessly integrating with other vital sales aspects, such as POS, E-commerce, and Subscriptions, along with other aligned modules within Odoo, this sales module becomes the centralised hub for all your company’s sales operations.

Sales order management

Sales quotation management

Product variant management

Sales analysis

Price management

Online payment facility

Restrict SOP

Invoice management

Smart date input

Product catalogue management, and more. 

CRM or Customer Relationship Management:

The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) operations of companies will be crucial in creating valuable business opportunities and furthering engagement with existing clients. The CRM module serves as a central hub for lead generation and monitoring, enabling you to efficiently pursue various leads through the platform’s diverse activities. Additionally, the lead enrichment features empower you to acquire customer contacts from various marketing campaigns, further enhancing your ability to connect with potential customers. Embracing CRM practices will undoubtedly contribute to the growth and success of your business. It helps with streamlined – 

Pipeline management

Customer management

Lead generation

Multi-sales team management

Activity scheduling

Outlook CRM extension

Lead enrichment

Recurring revenues management

Report generation

Quotation management, and more. 


The efficient management of purchase operations within the company necessitates the implementation of a sophisticated tool. The Odoo community edition offers an exemplary purchase module that seamlessly integrates into your operations. This comprehensive tool enables you to generate purchase quotations, create purchase agreements, and automate various purchase processes, making it a top-notch solution for purchase management. With its functional tools and user-friendly interface, Odoo’s purchase module stands out as one of the finest tools available for optimising and streamlining all aspects of your company’s procurement processes. 

Purchase dashboard

Purchase quotation management

Product categorising

Purchase history

On-time delivery analysis

Drop shipping

Vendor pricelist management

Bill control

Purchase order approval

UoM management, and more. 


The Odoo platform offers a comprehensive inventory management system that streamlines company operations with its sophisticated options and management features. This module empowers businesses with centralised control, enabling them to efficiently handle various inventory tasks. Notably, the platform supports advanced inventory operations, including drop-shipping and cross-docking, providing a high level of flexibility. Additionally, companies can define product moves easily, making it a valuable tool for optimising inventory operations effectively. 

Transfer orders

Stock management

Scrap management

Warehouse management

Picking policies

Multi-step routing

Location management

Run-scheduler tool

Inventory adjustment

Product tracking, and more. 


The Invoicing module in the Odoo community edition is seamlessly integrated with the accounting module, enabling you to effortlessly generate invoices for customer purchases and services directly from the sales module. This integration allows for a smooth flow of information, ensuring that all invoicing activities within the company are accurately reflected in the accounting module of the Odoo platform.

Accounting dashboard

Invoice management

Bank-to-bank transfers

Bank-to-cash transfers

Reconciliation models

Margin analysis

Journal management

Multi-currency support

Refund processing

Bill management, and more. 


The Odoo manufacturing module, included in the community edition of the platform, empowers you to create a comprehensive and independent manufacturing process for your company. You can easily define work centers, operations, machine utilisation, bill of materials, and other related aspects crucial for your production. The manufacturing module seamlessly integrates with inventory management, HR operations, and sales processes, streamlining automation and regular manufacturing procedures. This integration ensures efficient auto manufacturing and enables a smooth workflow for your company’s manufacturing operations. 

Product manufacturing

Word order management

Track product moves


Security lead time

Operation dependencies

Manufacture order analysis

Split & Merge MOs

Operation dependencies

Kit valuation, and more. 


Preventive maintenance is done at the time of need or periodic maintenance and is conducted on the company equipment at fixed intervals. It can be managed efficiently with the maintenance module of Odoo. Additionally, in this module, the period of maintenance for every single piece of equipment can be defined, maintenance requests can be easily generated by the employees, and the managers can overlook the process of operations.

Maintenance dashboard

Maintenance request management

Corrective maintenance

Preventive maintenance

Equipment management

Maintenance team management

Equipment category management

Maintenance request analysis

HR Module:

Human resource management operations play a crucial role in any company, and Odoo offers dedicated HR management modules to handle various tasks efficiently. These modules encompass essential functions such as Recruitment, Attendance, Payroll, Time off, approval workflows, and more. Using Odoo’s HR management modules enables your company to configure and streamline HR operations effectively, ensuring seamless and productive workforce management. 

Employee management

Employee contract management

Department management

Employee attendance management

Employee leave management

Expense approvals

Expense product management

Timesheet billing

Fleet management

Employee recruitment, job posting, and more. 


Efficient project management is crucial for companies to ensure smooth operations without disruptions. Odoo’s project module offers a comprehensive solution for managing projects seamlessly. With this module, you can define multiple company projects, allocate employees, break down tasks and subtasks, and oversee various project operations. Additionally, the Odoo project module enables you to exercise robust control and management functions, ensuring that your projects are executed successfully and in line with your business objectives.

Project management 

Tracking time spent

Smart task scheduling

Recurring tasks management

Task management

Subtask management

Customer rating

Services invoicing policies

Project profitability calculation

POS or Point Of Sale:

With the Odoo POS module, you can efficiently manage and streamline retail shop operations for your company or store, effectively serving as a counter-sale application. This module seamlessly integrates with the sales, inventory, and accounting modules of the platform, providing a unified and interconnected system.

By leveraging the Odoo POS module, you can effortlessly generate customer invoices and even tailor its functionalities to cater to specific operational needs, such as defining the operations of a bar or a restaurant. This versatile module empowers businesses to enhance their point-of-sale experience, ensuring smoother transactions and improved customer service.

POS interface management

Discount analysis

Cash control

Tax management

Payment terminals

Bill splitting, and more. 

Apart from these, Odoo in Australia also comes with features like marketing modules, calendar, discuss, website management module, live chat feature, contact module, and more to fit every business need. You can get in touch with us at Envertis to know more about Odoo and what it offers.